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Moss Babies Frontside


Published onOct 18, 2023
Moss Babies Frontside

Moss Babies Frontside

Digital Design (2023)

I came upon a historical photo of Saskatchewan Native mothers with their babies on their backs while they worked – the image became the infrastructure of "Moss Babies Frontside.”  (I learned the baby diapers and carriers were lined with moss as moss doesn’t cause diaper rash and even now might be an alternative to poisonous disposables.)

I was taught that women are an integral part of my Navajo family system, and I want to honor and show respect to their images by keeping their images alive in contemporary art. 

From that upbringing, I focus on Native women and their children as a recognition of our future generations, and the family ties that are important to all humans.

Denise Emerson (Skokomish / Navajo)

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