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April 4, 2017 Symposium Program

Published onApr 02, 2018
April 4, 2017 Symposium Program

Opening Remarks

Aria Ritz Finkelstein and Hannah M. Teicher

Keynote: Climate Change and the Securitization of Nature

Simin Davoudi

Panel 1: Framing Climate Security

  • John E. Morton, Former Climate and Security Advisor, the Obama National Security Council 

  • Capt. James Goudreau, U.S. Navy, Retired and Head of Climate, Novartis 

  • James P. Allen, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center and University of Illinois, Department of Urban and Regional Planning 

  • Damian White, Professor of History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences, RISD 

Panel 2: The Practice of Climate Security

  • Paul Holland, Senior Analyst, Marstel-Day 

  • Sarah E. Light, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, The Wharton School

  • Catherine Fox-Lent, Research Civil Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

  • Sharon Rooney, Chief Planner, Cape Cod Commission 

  • Simin Davoudi, Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Newcastle University (moderator) 

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